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  • Contrast of glue content
  • Taizhong latex regenerated rubber content as high as 75-80%; other latex
    Contrast of glue content
    Regenerated rubber content is only about 50%
  • Stable desulfurization, no particles in the film, and is easy to mix
    Desulfurization stability
    Other latex regenerated rubber has unstable desulfurization many particles
  • Filters impurities many times, and the finished product is clean
    Filtration process
    Has no filtering link, and the finished product has many impurities
  • Has high breaking strength, high elongation and low specific gravity
    Performance comparison
    Other latex regenerated rubber has incomplete properties
  • Car Parts
  • Tyres
  • Slab Rubber
  • Inner Tube
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Sole
  • Domestic telephone number: +66863794900 / +66923978822
    Call the order immediately :+66863794900 / +66923978822
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